Design Planning Completed

The architects have been working on the design with the future users since February 2018. This includes determining the final floor plans with the exhibition spaces as well as rooms for communication and workshops, visitor services, a restaurant, the gift shop, storage areas, the conservation department, offices and technical facilities. In the course of the revisions, the façade was opened up on all four sides and subdivided, creating access to and views of the interior, and connecting the museum with its surroundings.

The design planning phase was completed in summer 2019.

The visualizations give an idea of how the museum will be integrated into the Kulturforum.

View of the South and East Façades

The east façade is characterized by closed sections of gallery walls on the lower floor and large sections of open brickwork, which lets light through, on the upper floor. Daylight can enter specific areas of the museum, and at the same time, it illuminates the museum from inside during the evening hours.