The construction fence in front of the new museum building of the Nationalgalerie will showcase rotating artistic-graphic designs in the future. The works will always be related to the collection’s focal point in the new building: the 20th century from an artistic perspective. Viewers will see and experience that a new social space, a place of art that wants to tie into Berlin’s urban society, is being created here.

The Nationalgalerie will use a work by the artist Hans Haacke to start “Art on the Construction Fence,” in order to set an example for an open, culturally diverse and tolerant society.

The project is supported by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

„Wir (alle) sind das Volk“

Haacke’s work, Wir (alle) sind das Volk (We (All) Are the People), can be seen along the construction site as art in the public space from May to October 2021. The statement appears in twelve languages and refers to the world-famous slogan of the 1989 Peaceful Revolution in the GDR, although in recent times the statement has been reinterpreted by right-wing extremists.

Haacke expanded the slogan: He added “alle” in parentheses, translated it into many languages and flanked it with rainbow colors. His point is to recognize cultural diversity and diverse forms of life beyond ethnic and national borders.