Second prize awarded to Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter

The jury awarded the second prize to Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter A/S from Copenhagen, Denmark in partnership with SCHØNHERR A/S from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Architects' Commentary

“The new Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts in Berlin will overcome the boundaries between people’s daily lives and traditionally inwardly oriented museums, and open itself up to the city.

With its organic form, the building reacts respectfully to its structural context; it adapts to the architectural diversity of the solo buildings at the Kulturforum.

The building opens up to the surrounding urban area, turning it into a spatial whole. The movement suggested by the facades and the way it integrates the urban landscape continues inside – in the foyer and the areas open to the public such as the café and the event areas – and it culminates in the central space.”

Architects' Commentary

“The low, amorphously formed pavilion stretches across the building site like a finger, creating intimate yet clearly delimited outer spaces that float like islands in the Kulturforum’s extensive landscape.

The building emerges from the distinctive architectural impulses around it and stretches across the broad roof to assume a slightly vaulted form.

Running from the roof over the façades, the pavilion’s iridescent metallic cladding does not attempt to relate to the surrounding architectural monuments. Instead, its scale and materiality create its own identity.”