Third prize awarded to Bruno Fioretti Marquez

The jury awarded the third prize to the Berlin-based Bruno Fioretti Marquez Architekten in partnership with capatti staubach Landschaftsarchitekten from Berlin, Germany.

Architects' Commentary

“The new building should present itself as a self-contained structure without entering into competition with the iconic buildings at the Kulturforum.

The new Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts does not see itself as merely a spatial extension of the Neue Nationalgalerie. Instead, it is a supplemental, new spatial complex that makes active appreciation of art possible in the way the building is used, presented, and experienced. With its classical way of presenting art, the Neue Nationalgalerie will have a robust, factory-like building at its side, which will take a process-like, inquiring reception of art into account while maintaining subtle ties to its older neighbor despite its independence.”

Architects' Commentary

“The new museum building consists of two elements: a horizontal, underground area in which exhibitions that cannot be shown in natural light are housed, and a compact structure that presents its face to the city, integrating the daylight-compatible, active spaces used for workshops, offices, and exhibition areas, plus the foyer, and café. This new, robust two-story structure uses the loose assembly of buildings as its point of departure, as a constituting component of the urban landscape, and strengthens their effect as an ensemble with its own height and structural mass.”